Feedback from Previous Presentations

Susan Spellman Cann and Helen MacKinnon are two extremely positive and creative counsellors. They have a treasure trove of helpful and hands on tips and tricks.  Their presentation Becoming Mindful in a World Full of Distractions provides counsellors at any experience level with hands on and practical ideas, which they are able to be implement immediately within their own counselling practices.

Erin Luong

Mental Health Literacy Teacher/School Counsellor

“I have had the opportunity and the good fortune to hear Susan speak on several occasions about using technology and apps in counselling, and it has been so beneficial.  Her suggestions are practical and engaging, and she certainly understands the importance of reaching out to young people from an angle in which they can relate.  I would highly recommend that any counsellor, new or experienced attend one of Susan’s sessions and start with baby steps, as she says.  “Add technology into your practice in some small way to begin, and see where the little steps take you!”

Tonya Macgillivray, School Counsellor, Grades 7-12

Recently our counselling team for Calgary Catholic School District hosted a PD session called “ Becoming Mindful in a World Full of Distractions” facilitated by Susan Spellman Cann and Helen MacKinnon.  Both Helen and Susan are dynamic speakers working hard to ensure that their presentations are relevant, in line with their audience and includes practical examples for application in the real world.  They are experienced school counsellors and leaders within our district.  They have also been involved in private practice as registered psychologists.  Their experience and love of kids really drives their passion to make a difference in the lives of those they serve.  Their presentation was well organized, totally on mark and engaging. They provided counsellors with practical take-aways that will no doubt support students and enhance school counselling practice. 

Aileen Taylor and April Elliot

CCSD Consultants for School Counselling

I thoroughly enjoyed the Professional Development, Susan and Helen put on for our District Counsellors. It was very well organized, engaging and well delivered. The practical strategies and tips were very insightful and useful. Their passion and expertise was evident in their delivery and I would highly recommend their sessions.

Tina Shim

High School Counsellor